One can write thousands of words about Siena, but no words can describe the atmosphere you “breathe” coming here.

The medieval flavour, the impressive cathedral and the beautiful Piazza del Campo will take you back centuries to the ancient glories of this city, still today tightly linked to its past and to its old traditions.

Tradition par excellence is the Palio, the horse race that takes place twice a year around Piazza del Campo.

The town is divided in 17 districts or contradas and only ten of each, in rotation, takes part to the race but more of the story when I see you!

Siena is fiercely protective of its unique “Palio” and traditions but because I was head of the ladies society of Chiocciola contrada (the Snail) for 6 years, I can take you to places that are not open to other tours and give you a really good insight into all aspects of this fascinating race.