uscany is not only beautiful scenery, art and excellent wines, it is also love of food and that’s why we offer some experiences in which you can learn how to prepare delicious recipes, make pasta, pizza and, last but not least, appreciate the truffle of which our region is rich in nature thanks to the very varied characteristics of our soils.

We want to make your holiday unique and unforgettable! What are you waiting for? Take a look at our proposals!

Cooking Class

We believe that through food one can understand much about the culture of a country and its people , that’s the reason to pick a cooking class.
We can arrange Tuscan cooking lessons for you with a local English-speaking chef so that when you return home, you can amaze your friends with your new Italian cooking skills.
The chef will teach you how to cook anything from a simple lunch of fresh handmade pasta to a full lunch of typical Tuscan recipes.
The great thing is that after the class you can eat everything accompanied by excellent local wines!!!

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Pizza Class

Pizza is perhaps the best known and most identifying Italian dish in the world, its origins are linked to Naples but it is the most popular food among Italians and foreigners alike.
We want to offer you a unique experience by offering a pizza making class with a pizzaiolo who uses ancient grain flours with baking in a wood-fired oven.
An experience that will make you lick your lips and take home a new way of making and eating pizza!
Of course the pizza will be accompanied by good local wines,yes because pizza can also be accompanied by wine not just beer.

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Truffle hunting

One of the many unique experiences you can have in Tuscany is Truffle hunting.
The truffle is a treasure of our wonderful land that you can discover during a truffle hunt, enjoying the fresh nature while walking through the lush Tuscan woods.An expert truffle hunter, along with one of man’s best friends, the expertly trained dog, will be ready to guide you to discover the secrets of the refined world of truffles.
After the hunt you will taste the unique and unparalleled flavor of this tuber with a lunch whose dishes will be prepared with the truffles found,always accompanied by excellent local wines.

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